Craftsman Style

I knew very little about the Craftsman style (also known as Mission) before my client came to me requesting a makeover of her living room.  She had always struggled with the TV in this room so we decided to make this space a reading area, piano room and seating area for guests.  The TV was put into a room off of her kitchen (see photos below).

She had a few pieces that were craftsman but it wasn’t quite all pulled together.  I did a little research into the Craftsman style and here’s what I found out.  The American Craftsman style was actually developed out of the British Arts + Crafts movement, which was pretty ornate with lots of heavy engraved furnishings.  When the style came to the US in the early 1900’s, it was simplified and is now known for it’s clean lines, nature themed fabrics, dark wood and leather upholstery.  The colors are primarily hunter green, burnt orange, burgundy and gold or rust.  It later also became know as Mission Style because of it’s apparent similarity to the California mission architecture.  Who knew? Mid-century modern style became popular shortly after the Craftsman movement, so often you will see Craftsman and a more modern style blended together.  This is just what I needed to know for my client!  

In her living room, I incorporated a few quality pieces including an area rug, bookshelf and new chairs with a more modern flair.  I love the combination of the two styles!  And her new TV room or family room, I used some of the Craftsman art she already had, added a mission style chair and brought in the colors of the movement with throws and a footstool.  I’m excited to see what she does with these e-Designs!

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