Long Hallways

You know if you have a long hallway in your house.  It can seem dark.  It’s often too narrow to add furniture.  There are no windows.  Repainting doesn’t really help.

This is exactly where my client was at when she came to me.  She had some really great ideas already, like adding a mirror to the end of the hallway to reflect light (brilliant!) and she wanted to do something about that annoying grate.  She also knew she wanted to some built-ins to break up the long walls.  We found some great modern pieces to add to the space like the mirror which serves both functional and aesthetic roles.  The lights really changed the feel of the space by giving it some depth and interest above eye level.  The runner grounded the space and ties in the different tones of the room.  A console table provides functional storage and a place to throw you purse and keys when walking from the garage.  For a few hundred dollars and some elbow grease, she’s ready to change this space for the better!  I can’t wait to see what it looks like when she’s done!

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