DIY: Snow Globe centerpiece

Hi!  Today I thought I would share an easy winter craft that I posted on Instagram the other day.  (By the way, you can follow me there @sawdust.interiors).  I wanted something simple for my kitchen island since it is such a hardworking space.  Having a giant floral arrangement just means I will be moving it each night to cook dinner, feed the family etc.  So here we go…

First Step: Gather your materials


I already had the glass globe from a fairy garden my girls had done a few years back.  You can find them at stores such as the Dollar Tree and to be quite honest, it doesn’t even need to be this shape.  Use what you already have!  Maybe a large mason jar?  The house ornament was a gift from someone many years ago and I just clipped off the hanger.  I bought the snow flurries at Big Lots and the bottle brush tree at Dollar Tree.  I happened to find this deer figurine in my kids’ toy bin but  I found a similar one here on Amazon. If you have a mini Santa or snowman figurine, that could be really cute too!

Second Step: Add the Snow and miniatures

I filled the bowl up about a third of the way with the faux snow.  (I purchased mine at Big Lots and it was called Snow Flurry).  Then I simply placed the tree and the house ornament into the snow.  You could sprinkle snow over the top if you wanted it to look more like a snow globe.  Adding the little deer is a bit delicate because it kept wanting to tip over in the snow.  I just buried it’s little feet deeper into the snow.  I think it looks sweet.

The final step is to decorate with it!  Here is how my island looks now.  My girls love the whimsical-ness of it and I like the simplicity and that I used mostly stuff I had on hand!


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