Well, hello and Happy 2018.  I am currently sitting at my desk in my office/laundry room (let’s be real here) with windows wide open.  Lucky for me, it’s a beautiful day here in San Diego because for some reason I decided I needed to wax my desk/workbench this morning and I am way to lazy (ahem) to carry this beast outside.   I might be breathing in fumes, but at least the windows are open.

In between “wax on and wax off” I am working on a few different mood boards for my family room makeover.  I don’t know what it is about the new year, but I always feel the need to make at least one big change to our house around this time.  I had actually been noticing that our family room/TV room had not been working for us for quite some time, but I kinda ignored it until one day we couldn’t all fit on the couch.  Those dang kids keep growing!

I also noticed during the holidays that we just didn’t have enough seating for the kids/teens.  There were times when they wanted to watch a movie together so they grabbed chairs from all over the house and I was left with a hodge podge of chairs that I had to drag back each night.  So, I decided this was the year to finally make our family room meet our needs.

This is actually the first step to any room makeover…determine the use of the room.  In our case, the primary activity is watching TV (not a lot but we do enjoy family movie night :). Everyone agreed that we needed more seating, space for the occasional dance party, tables to set our cups.  We also decided as a family that we wanted it to be casual + comfortable but pretty, not sloppy!  The challenges we face in this room are that it also serves as an entry way.

Here is what the room looked like last week.  You can see that backpacks and shoes get dropped here.  We are actually going to flip flop this room so the TV will be on the left wall and a sectional will be on the right wall.  It will open up the space quite a bit which is much needed for my growing family.  However, we will be challenged to keep it clutter free despite that door being our main entry (although not our front door).  See those shelves below?  I’m thinking they need to be replaced or cabinets need to be built to cover up the constant after-school clutter.  The TV cabinet (currently on the right side) also needs to be painted white to match.  IMG_2840.JPG

The positives  are that the floors are relatively new, we updated our fireplace not too long ago and I still love it.  I painted to walls white last year so that gives me an easy backdrop for any color scheme.  Besides a new sectional and an area rug and maybe a few fun accent pieces, I’m hoping to keep this makeover on a budget.

The second step to a room makeover, is to start collecting ideas for rugs, art, window treatments, furniture arrangements, color schemes and lighting.  That may be a folder of torn out magazine pages or you may use Pinterest.  For me, I like a good mood board.  I created mine in Photoshop.  Here are two different options:

Option 1:  California Vibes



Option 2: Warm + Moody


Once I’ve made my final decisions, I’ll report back right here!  Thanks for following along.


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