I have always loved design + the art of interior styling.  As a little girl, I rearranged my bedroom furniture and redecorated constantly! As an adult, I worked for an art and design college where I was inspired by the aesthetics of the campus itself as well as the vibrant academic curriculum.   After my husband and I started a family we renovated a few homes and I learned a ton along the way.  In 2011, my sister and I started an Etsy shop where we sell home decor and coordinated party kits.

In time, I translated this love for home and design into a career.  I received my Diploma of Interior Design from The Interior Design Institute in 2018.  I now offer on-site design consultations for San Diego residents and e-Design for clients near and far.  If you just don’t know where to start or are overwhelmed by all the possibilities out there…I can help.  Shoot me an email at sawdustinteriors@gmail.com.