A little about me…

I have always loved design and the art of interior styling.  As a little girl, I rearranged my bedroom furniture and redecorated constantly! As an adult, I worked for an art + design college where I was inspired by the aesthetics of the campus itself as well as the vibrant academic curriculum.   After I got married and started a family, my sister and I opened up an Etsy Shop, Sawdust Market, where we sell handcrafted home decor items + coordinated party kits.

My husband and I like to DIY together and we love to create beautiful + functional spaces in our own home.  Over the years, we’ve found that the hardest part of any project or renovation is just getting started.  I had always wanted a visual of what the space would look like, to get our “creative juices” flowing…that’s when I discovered Photoshop!  I took a course and learned how to create an inspiration photo layered on top of an existing photo so that I could see what the space would look like with different wall colors or a different furniture layout.  I figure I’m not the only one that can’t imagine the “after” or gets stuck on starting a project because there are too many options.  So, I now offer e-design to anyone that just needs that extra “nudge” to get started.

I recently completed an Interior Decorator certificate program at IAPCC and am now enrolled at The Interior Design Institute earning my diploma in Interior Design.

Feel free to contact me at sawdustinteriors@gmail.com or checkout my Instagram account @sawdust.interiors for lots more before + after photos.