e-Design Services


The e-Design Process:

The process is simple and it allows you to purchase when + what you want.  Let the e-design be your inspiration!

Step 1:
Choose + purchase your e-Design service:

e-Design Package

With this service, I will overlay 1 of your own photos with new colors, textures and furniture layouts so you can see exactly what your space will look like. It’s like seeing the “after” photo…before! Once we have finalized your e-Design, I will send you a linkable shopping list so you can shop the items I used in your plan.


Mood Board

Just need a little inspiration to get the ball rolling? I will create a coordinated + inspirational mood board for any room in your house. The board will include rugs, window treatments, paint suggestions, furniture, lighting and accessories.


Furniture Preview

Trying to decide on barstools? A new dining room table? Area rug? But you just can't imagine what it will look like? Send me a photo of your space and the pieces you are trying to decide on and I will mock up a few different options so you can finally decide!


Holiday e-Design

Let Sawdust Interiors inspire your holiday decor this year! Send me a photo of your mantel and I’ll make it merry with a fresh new design. This can be for any season of the year!


Step 2:
I will be in touch with you within 24 hours to confirm.  In the meantime, you can fill out this simple e-Design Questionnaire

Step 3:
Upon receipt of payment + questionnaire, I will ask you to email me 5-10 clear photos of your dilemma space (interior or exterior).  Please review the Photography Tips

Step 4:
Within 7-10 business days, I will email you an e-Design for you to review using one of your photos.

Step 5:
Once you have looked over the plan, we will have one round of revisions (i.e. I want distressed end tables instead and I’d prefer white walls or the rug is too big and can you please add crown moulding?)

Step 6:
I will then send you a final plan including a linkable shopping list of the products/items I used to create your refreshed space.

Then, it’s time for YOU to get to work and transform your space!  Let the e-Design serve as an inspiration point!

“Without Sawdust Interiors, I would be all over the place buying stuff I don’t need. It would cost me much more than the price of the e-design. Been there, done that. With just a few new items, paint and some rearranging, my room looks far better than I could have ever dreamed.”  –Happy Client